Frequently asked questions

Learn about our Full Management Service and how we can help you achieve your goals.

What is Air Angels ?

Air Angels  is company founded to provide hospitality  for clients who wish to earn income through short-letting of their properties – a practice that has increased substantially since the introduction of Airbnb. We also offer  for medium-long letting if clients wish to rent their properties via mixed-letting.

What services do you provide?

Air Angels  provides services such as calendar , pricing optimization (we determine the best price for your property at any time throughout the year to maximize your income), booking , vetting of potential guests, lockbox installation, guest greeting, linen and cleaning services, and we are available to answer your guests’ questions throughout their stay. In short – you make money and we take care of the hassles.

Who should use Air Angels ?

Property owners who wish to short-let while achieving the highest letting income possible. Your property does not need to be on the rental market at all times. You might wish to offer it for short-letting while away on business or on your own vacation.

How can you maximise my rate of occupancy?

Air Angels  professionals are experts in the regions in which we let properties. We study rental rates, events, regional features, high and low rental seasons, and performance of other properties in the area to help us determine the best rate for your property at any given time to increase the chances of rental when compared to other available properties. We are able to apply dynamic pricing to fill last minute vacancies or cancellations to help achieve a maximum occupancy rate.

How do you provide security for my property?

We vet guests prior to booking to help screen those who will be spending time in what is likely one of your most valuable assets – your property. Because we manage Airbnb listed properties, you are covered through their Host Guarantee, which covers up to £600,000 when damages are due to guests. We will advise you of any damages and work with you to help rectify the situation. We can also offer recommendations for additional insurance options if you would like additional coverage. Your peace of mind is important to Air Angels .

In what areas do you currently offer services?

We currently offer letting  services in London and Portsmouth with plans to expand into other areas. Contact us if you wish to inquire for other regions.

What is my income potential if I use Air Angels ?

This varies from property to property based on many factors such as number of bedrooms, location, property characteristics, and time of year. Our job is to help you maximise your rental income. As an example, short-letting can result in as much as 150% increase in income when compared to long-letting, even after our fees are deducted.

What do I need to do to get started with Air Angels ?

Simply give us a call or leave your email address and we will contact you to discuss your options. We will explain what we can do for you in detail, and provide an estimate of your property’s potential in order to help you decide if short-letting is right for you.

Do you furnish short-lets?

We do not provide furnishings but we will help you utilise what you have and provide suggestions that will help increase your income, such as purchasing a sofa bed to increase sleeping capacity. We will help you give your property that homey-feel so that guests are more likely to want to return.

How do I make my property ready to let?

We will provide a consultation to help you prepare for letting. It may simply be furniture placement suggestions, or simply a suggestion or two to invest in a few items such as decorative pillows or a chair or two that will give your guests the option to sit outside on a warm day to enjoy the view. We can provide linen services to lessen the burden on you as guests check out.

How long after I contact you until I can begin to let my property?

We only need time to prepare your property listing – which is only a few days in most cases. The process is fast and painless.

How long after a let until I am paid?

The moment guests arrive at your property you are paid via Airbnb – other platforms may differ but we will discuss this with you when we create your listing.

How do I know how my property is doing?

We provide complete transparency regarding your listing. We will provide access to all information regarding your listing so that you are able to clearly see how it is performing, as well as guest feedback, reviews, and total income.

Do you offer guest support?

As part of our  services, the Air Angels  team is available to your guests if they have questions or concerns about their stay or your property. We provide clear communication, 24/7 assistance, easy check-in and check-out, and linen services if required.

Who sets the property rules?

We provide standard property rules but we will include any specific rules regarding your property that you wish. Our standard rules encompass the issues of excessive noise and smoking on or inside your property, but we will make adjustments based on your wishes. It is always your property and you remain in control.

What if I decide short-letting is not for me?

We do not have hidden fees or long-term contracts. If you find that short-letting is not for you – just cancel our services.